Upmap T800+

The T800 UpMap device connect to the bike via the diagnostic cable allowing you to experience the different maps optimized by our experts. Manage by yourself all the set up, quickly and easily from your smartphone, via the dedicated UpMap app. Get ready to live a new experience riding your bike!

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Easily reconfigure the ECU of your bike independently and in total safety.

The even more powerful and faster T800 + UpMap device connects to the bike via the diagnostic cable, and allows you to experiment with the mappings optimized and tested by our experts.

Using the UpMap application, you can then manage the entire set up process from the comfort of your smartphone.

Compared to the previous model, both the memory space and the transfer speed have been doubled, in this way the T800 + is able to reprogram the new motorcycle models that require a greater amount of memory, further reducing transfer and reprogramming times.

Get ready to experience an experience that is twice as powerful and unique on your motorcycle!


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