frequently asked questions


We recommend once a season to change brake & clutch fluids, but all depends how much riding is done especially for bikes with hydraulic clutch

We recommend replacing timing belts every 12,000km or 4 years for bike that have 12,000 km service maintenance schedule for valve clearances check. Also, we recommend for bike with 24,000 km or 30,000 km service maintenance.

We recommend to flush coolant every 3 years or every 20,000 km whatever comes first.

Ohlins suspension service schedule is every 3 years or every 20,000 km whatever comes first for road use, for racing is every 10 hours of operation

We recommended rear wheel hub service every 24,000km

Many Aprilia, Ducati or MV models have plastic fuel tank and if fuel with ethanol is used may change the shape of fuel tank. In general ethanol is not good for fuel injection and may cause corrosion in fuel tank, fuel pump etc.…

We are a performance motorcycle shop

We have been providing customers in the Lower Mainland area with reliable, friendly, and consistent service since 2016. Our technicians specialize in Italian motorcycle brands such as Aprilia, Ducati & MV Agusta